Eggless BeetRoot Cupcakes without Raising Agents|Eggless Red velvet Cake for toddlers and kids

Today’s recipe is Egg less Red Velvet Cupcakes or Egg lees Beetroot Cup Cakes.This Red Velvet Cake/Beetroot cake has no APF/maida,no white sugar,no raising agents,no butter and trust me it was done in a jiffy. Don’t you feel tempted to give it a try? Baking is simply therapeutic and easy if you begin loving it.My love for baking with healthy ingredients can’t be explained really.I wanted to try an egg less red velvet kind of a cake with natural colouring using beetroots and some baking without raising agents(baking powder/baking soda).I didn’t have much courage to give it a try because there were too many to experiment like no white flour,no white sugar,no raising agents,no artificial colouring and lots. All of these are pretty much different from the usual recipes.And above all we wanted to do some topping with frosting cream too. Too much na for a beginner???I know 😉 I got some courage from my friends Kalai Rajesh,Ravneet Kaur and Gouthami(Click here for her recipe) who posted similar experimentation in the recent days.  The trial session went on last weekend and it came out pretty well except for few corrections which I learnt from experts. I have included all details under my observations.Please read the recipe in detail and give it try. There was also a cranberry choco cake made with the same combinations which will be posted this week soon. Continue reading “Eggless BeetRoot Cupcakes without Raising Agents|Eggless Red velvet Cake for toddlers and kids”

Broken Wheat Pineapple Kesari|Dalia Pineapple Halwa|Wheat Rava Kesari

Broken Wheat Pineapple Kesari or Pineapple Kesari or Wheat Rava Pineapple halwa is a very rich nutritious dessert/sweet .I made some replacements to the usual pineapple kesari made with white sugar/rava .I replaced them with healthy versions like palm sugar and wheat rava. It turned out super yummy and I didn’t even get enough quantity to click a picture.The dish was done some 2 years back and only now I dug my old drafts and brought it live as a post. Continue reading “Broken Wheat Pineapple Kesari|Dalia Pineapple Halwa|Wheat Rava Kesari”

Paruppu Podi|Lentil Powder for Rice|Spiced Dal Powder for Babies,Kids and Toddlers

Paruppu Podi/Mixed lentil Powder/Spiced Dal Powder is a staple is most of our houses.It is a quick and healthy accompaniment to rice and especially for babies,kids and toddlers.If you have the paruppu podi in your pantry you can manage a quick,tasty and healthy lunch. Paruppu podi has different versions and the below one is a special method from mom for babies,kids and toddlers.We have always stock of paruppu podi with pottukadalai at home as we have the habit of including it with sothi / vendhaya saru /puli kulambhu/keerai saaru. This can be stored for 3 months at room temperature.This is a no garlic version ,I shall soon share the garlic version,special spicy version too. Continue reading “Paruppu Podi|Lentil Powder for Rice|Spiced Dal Powder for Babies,Kids and Toddlers”

Kesar Badam Mix|Home Made Almond Saffron Milk Mix for babies-A fool proof non sticky recipe

The huge challenge/worry/doubt of all moms is about kid refusing cows milk .I have received a lot of queries about how can a parent can make his/her kid drink milk without any battles.My answer would prefer plain milk or instant dry fruits milk  or Prefer no milk at all.Yeah..I prefer no milk at all if the kid has enough milk products on daily basis or takes other sources of calcium.I don’t force my kid to take milk.In fact milk is only used rarely in cooking or for direct consumption at home.I stopped it way back in 2012.And none of us take coffee/tea too. But we consume all milk products like butter,ghee,cheese,paneer,curd regularly.This kesar almond mix is one of the oldest preparations at home.I made this for little one as I kept forgetting soaking almonds every night for daily consumption.I have finally come with a post on details to avoid a gooey mix when prepared at home.And you know what this is sugarless.So it is safe to use even for 6 months baby.The below procedure might seem complex but I can ensure a 100% non sticky powder which will just mix with warm milk.This will stay good even for an year if you freeze it. Continue reading “Kesar Badam Mix|Home Made Almond Saffron Milk Mix for babies-A fool proof non sticky recipe”

Vegetable Stew-Kerela Style Mixed Vegetable Ishtu

vegetable Stew is one of my favourite accompaniments for aapam/idiyappam/idly/dosa/rice/roti. I have been waiting so long to make this at home and relish .This is one of the most common side dish for Kerela dishes and I have enjoyed them a lot when we at Cochin. Continue reading “Vegetable Stew-Kerela Style Mixed Vegetable Ishtu”

Eggless Multigrain Brownies/Eggless Sathumaavu Brownies

Kitchen Kathukutty is nearing three years completion and I began sending out invites for guest posts to mark my celebrations.I have been inviting guest posts to my blog after publishing 100 recipes to honour all friends and supporters.So here is my personal invite to each of you out there

“I invite pure vegetarian recipes with mushrooms/soya chunks or any healthy baked goodie or any of your family’s traditional recipe. Whoever is interested ,please write to me at with ingredients,detailed recipe and step by step images(at-least one final image). I will be happy and honoured to post the same in my blog. ”

What are you waiting for?If you have a recipe in any of the above categories don’t stop.Just cook,click and mail me 🙂

Today’s recipe is guest post from Rupa,a good friend through social media . Over to Rupa with no further delays!

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Gobi Matar Pulao|Cauliflower Peas Pulao

I become extremely innovative at my kitchen every night when I plan my menu. You know why? Because “Necessity is the mother of invention”.I will be left with few vegetables in the stock and I do my permutations the previous night and get the stuffs ready on my kitchen table(soak necessary stuffs etc).This is one such recipe and this is 100% hubby approved as one of my best recipes ever. I really didn’t expect it to turn out so great. Come,let’s have a quick look at the recipe.

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Eggless Whole Wheat Cup Cakes

How much would you love to offer your kids a refined flour/sugar less baked product which is so yummy and fluffy?Here is an amazing recipe for spongy eggless whole wheat cup cakes from Shiba Nair.Our today’s post is a guest post from a good friend of mine,Shiba Nair ,mother and an amazing cook.Her pictures will tempt you to definitely try her recipes . She took too many efforts despite her tight schedules and personal  conditions and provided me with this excellent recipe. Don’t miss visiting her colourful and a very versatile blog

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Paneer Matar|Restaurant Style Matar Paneer|Peas Paneer Masala

It is raining peas everywhere. Here is a super yummy and quick recipe with green peas and paneer which is an excellent side dish to roti/phulkha/rice/pulao varieties.You can make n number of variations to such recipes and that is the best part of these.Here is one variant I recently tried. I hope you would like it. Continue reading “Paneer Matar|Restaurant Style Matar Paneer|Peas Paneer Masala”

Rava Kesari|Sooji Kesari|Rava Bath|Sooji Halwa

Kesari-The most super quick sweet one can make which I have never made fearing that I wouldn’t be able to get the right consistency.Hubby and my paternal grand dad likes it so much.My paternal aunt would never come home without a bowl of this even if she visits us every week.Mom makes it in a jiffy and she had never failed.But to attempt this recipe I literally nagged her for a week ,pulled hubby inside kitchen and finally made it.Hopefully it is perfect.I was questioned by few friends that how I manage to cook without white ingredients daily.I try to replace with healthy alternatives.But I do include them once in 4 months or 6 months for dishes like kesari,milk halwa,gulab jamun etc.We don’t make these daily ,right?

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