juice of water melon
March is yet to march out but the rays of sun is getting hotter day by day. It is extremely essential to stay hydrated enough and take care during summer. I prefer including plenty of water,tender coconut,fruits and vegetables which are high in water content in my daily menu. Here are recipes from watermelon which are mostly part of my routine.Find WATER MELON SALAD RECIPE & nutrition info. here Ingredients:
  • Watermelon-1/2(medium sized)
  • Water-As required
watermelonjuice.JPG Procedure: 1.Wash water melon and scoop out the fleshy part. 2.De seed carefully and chop into small pieces. water melon juice 3.Add this to a blender and grind. 4.Add some water and blend again. WATER MELON JUICE & SALAD 5.Fliter and serve it chill. MELON JUICE P.S: Read about offering juices to babies less than one year here You can add any sweetener of your preference. The colour totally depends on the fruit you choose. You can a pinch of pinch of chaat masala or black salt to have a punch. I generally don’t filter after blending. Always have a word with your doctor before offer any new food to babies.
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  water melon juice

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