Rava Khicadi|Sooji Khicidi|Rava Upma

Rava/Sooji is a very rare item in my menu usually. Whenever I use it I ensure to load it with veggies or coat it with ghee.I have heard and read that sooji has no much nutrition to it hence I always prefer godhumai(wheat) rava or maize rava to white sooji.I have already posted a recipe of dalia kheer and upma which are the usual recipes which use white rava.I wanted this recipe in my space because sooji recipes are like a must have recipe in a blog space and many love sooji based recipes.Rava Khicidi is one of the common south indian breakfast items.This is the recipe my mother follows and I can have upma only when made this way because I am not a great fan of upma. Continue reading “Rava Khicadi|Sooji Khicidi|Rava Upma”

Instant Masala Bread Uthappam-No Fermentation Required

Instant dosa/uthappam recipes are always welcome in any place especially among young mothers who run behind their families and kids 24/7.I have already posted recipes of instant ragi dosa,instant jowar dosa ,instant wheat dosa,instant wheat ragi dosa,instant multigrain dosa,instant rava dosa,instant vegetable dosa and now adding a super quick recipe of instant bread uthappam with some added masala and veggies.Last weekend we had tried making some bread at home and we had it handy.The bread didn’t turn out so great but I didn’t want to waste it.(It tasted apt but some look and finish issues).So I ended up using that loaf in this recipe. Shall we check out the recipe? Continue reading “Instant Masala Bread Uthappam-No Fermentation Required”


Dear friends!How was Kirshna Jeyanthi celebrations?What was your menu?If you have tried any recipe from my space,kindly share the picture with me.I will be happy to upload in my page.The upcoming posts in my blog for the next week would be what I had prepared for yesterday’s pooja.I just made few trials by nagging mommy over phone.It was definitely a decent output I would say for my first trial.I hope all of you had a great gala time with family.The recipe for the day is “MILLET KOZHUKKATTAI”.Kozhukkattai is a south Indian steamed food,similar to momos made with rice/wheat/millets.Even the modaks made for Ganesh Chaturthi are called Kozhukkattai.We can make innumerable varieties by creating with stuffing/without stuffing,altering method of preparation,altering the base flour/millet.It is an ideal breakfast/dinner and certain types are super yummy snacks.The following method is one traditional recipe from my family and I have made it super healthy by adding millet.To know more about millets and read millet recipes refer here . You can use little/barnyard/foxtail or kodo millet in this recipe.The below images are from two different days,hence there may be differences.This can be offered to babies above 8 months after trying out each ingredient individually and ensuring no allergy. Continue reading “SAAMAI/LITTLE MILLET KOZHUKATTAI”


Onion & tomato Thokku along with roti/chapathi/phulkha is an excellent combination and a no fail recipe in our family.This time I tried making chapathi using Autolysis Method which helps in reducing the kneading effort .I can hear you asking what it is… Here we go with the details of this.Long back, post few days of wedding when we had a family discussion during dinner and my father in law was elaborating a quick way he had learnt during his NSS camps and had asked me to give a try whenever possible as it would reduce my efforts. This is what he said to me,add half the amount of warm water to the flour(wheat) by just making deep hollow space in vessel containing wheat flour and just cover up the water with the flour just as we play with sand. Cover and let it for 30 minutes. Give a quick mix/knead and make rotis. I have always seen my in laws doing this but I have never given a thought of doing it.Recently I learnt from my school friend that this is such an easy way make chapathi/roti/phulkha and it is called “AUTOLYSIS” and I gained more confidence as I referred here.Yes…It took me almost 2.5 years to give a try and now I am always following this recipe to make roti.Believe me !The result was a perfect success. It might take you 2 or 3 trials to fix up on the right ratios as the wheat flour each of us use might differ.A few more insights about autolysis method which I read across before trying. Autolysis on a general term refers to destruction of a cell by its own enzymes or in just a word it is “self splitting”.When it comes to baking or kneading dough it means enzymes in the flour (amylase and protease)start breaking down starch and protein in the flour.Ok OK.. Let me stop here and get into the recipes. Continue reading “TOMATO/THAKKALI THOKKU & CHAPATHI DOUGH MAKING WITH LESS KNEADING(AUTOLYSIS METHOD)”


Vanakkam… Namaste..Hello… How are you all? Did you miss my posts guys? Here I come with a super quick and extremely nutritious recipe that needs just 20 minutes and two ingredients.You can serve this for all age group of family members from six months to any age group.You can make any variations with this recipe. Any millet flour(jowar or bajra or sorghum or any) can be used instead of ragi/finger millet flour and any rice flour can be used instead of wheat flour. While introducing this to babies ensure you have tried each of them individually and confirmed no allergy for each ingredient in your baby. Continue reading “INSTANT WHEAT FINGER MILLET DOSA|INSTANT AATA RAGI DOSA”


Hello Everyone!!! LOOOOOOOOOONGGGGGGGGGGGGG TIME….. How are you all doing? It has been around 20 days since I had posted a recipe. I was running around few personal commitments and traveling frequently in the past few days. Above all as my little munchkin is growing in his toddler-hood I am being pulled into his space and I am growing.learning and having fun along with him. And of course my lack of planning and laziness are also reasons behind not posting. Thank you all for your constant support. With no more delay let’s get into today’s recipe.It is nothing but a simple VEG CHEESE SANDWICH/VEG. SANDWICH. This is one of our(mom & son) all time favourites. You can offer this as a finger food/snack/breakfast/dinner for your babies post 6 months(Ensure your bread is 100% whole wheat and does not have salt in it). If you are worried about including bread in baby’s diet ensure to include it occasionally and just load it with veggies just as I have done in BREAD UPMA/STIR FRY RECIPE. Continue reading “VEGETABLE SANDWICH|VEG CHEESE SANDWICH”


Cabbage is one vegetable which I prefer to have only in certain forms.I prefer it as stir fry or vada or paratha only. Very rarely I am ok to have it in my sandwich with mayo.This cabbage paratha came to my mind as I had a very little quantity of it which wouldn’t be enough for any other dishes.I just made it slightly different from the other two paratha recipes posted already(Check turnip paratha recipe here and cheese paratha recipe here.Come let us have a quick look at this simple recipe. Continue reading “CAABAGE PARATHA”

Masala Dosa|Masala Roast

Masala Dosa/Masala Roast has been one of my favourites in childhood. I have enjoyed seeing mommy making it and also having it.You can just make dosa with the usual batter and proceed to add masala whereas this one special recipe from my mom for Masala Dosa.I missed capturing pictures of every step as I was shuttling among many works.Sorry about it.I shall soon update with all images.I have tried my best to explain it right.Let me know for any clarifications. With no much delay let’s get into the recipe now. Continue reading “Masala Dosa|Masala Roast”


Sathu Maavu/Multigrain Health Mix/Home made cerelac is one regular food in my daily routine. I begin my mornings with this drink and I prefer making roti or dosa twice a week with this so that it gets included in my little one’s diet too. I somehow have not experimented giving him this as a porridge to him because it is always recommended to stop offering porridges as regular meals above 8 months for babies.This dosa recipe was an instant try and it really turned out good in taste.You can realise the struggle I had in making perfect dosa with the images. Yeah.. Some extra care and patience is required to make this dosa without tearing into pieces.You shall definitely master the skill on your second trial itself for sure.This recipe will be an excellent choice in terms of nutrition and less effort.There is no need to grind or ferment batter to make this dosa.I kindly request you to please read the P.S section for more details. Continue reading “INSTANT MULTIGRAIN DOSA|SATHUMAAVU DOSAI”


I am great lover of sandwiches because they can be made in ‘n’ number of ways in no time.It can be a filling snack or a wholesome breakfast or a light dinner depending on the variation you make.This is one recent try I gave and it came out really well.It is so simple and highly nutritious too.Your kids will be attracted to the vibrant colour and the saucy feel when they bite. Continue reading “BEET ROOT SANDWICH|WHITE SAUCE BEET ROOT SANDWICH”