DENGUE FEVER-Preventive Measures,Natural Home Remedies and Foods For Babies,Kids & Adult

DENGUE FEVER-The most trending and dreadful topic in the recent days.Everyday news will definitely have a large coverage about this and I feel so painful and distressed on seeing the loss of lives to this vector borne disease .I have seen so many queries about this disease in social media in the recent days and the pain of the parents/patients is totally intolerable.We come across numerous new diseases everyday ,hence I feel it is best to be aware about them.I usually keep reading a lot about any trending diseases just to keep myself aware of the symptoms.I myself was diagnosed of dengue few years back and believe me dengue was not so prevalent those times like now but I was affected and it was never less than a battle for life.I somehow caught the infection while traveling.When I was sharing few of the insights I had learnt and I had gained through my personal experience to my friends and my neighbours,they insisted me to detail it up on my blog so that it reaches a larger audience.I have put my best efforts to share all my knowledge about this DENGUE.I hope it would help all of you .Please share this with your family and friends especially to our daily helpers/people who are unaware of these.This is definitely not equivalent to any professional medical advice.

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Hello Folks! Greetings from KitchenKathukutty 🙂 It has been a very long time since I had posted in this space(It was before Navratri). I was away on account of several family and personal commitments and finally back after 5 months. So were you guys missing me?. I hope all of you are in good health and high spirits.Shall we get into today’s recipe? It is a long pending recipe from my side.I had sent this to mylittlemoppet as a guest post few months back and I am posting it here for you. As most of you would know I always prefer home made ingredients and this is my son’s favourite too. Making butter at home might seem tedious at first but I can bet you that you wouldn’t try store bought butter if you start using this. It will just melt down in your mouth.As summer is almost there here burning all of us I would recommend to have a spoonful of butter in empty stomach early in the morning. This will help you beat the heat.  I can hear many of you asking “Won’t butter increase fat content of my body?, Is it not harmful?” Butter is such a super food if taken in moderation.Butter has been used as a healing medicine by our ancestors.Butter is an excellent source of healthy fatty acids and cholesterol.It is a great anti aging agent .When it comes to babies you can include home made butter from six months . You can add to all food items or even offer it fresh from your blender.  Continue reading “HOME MADE BUTTER”


The posts and  articles related to babies are mostly brain children of my readers who keep sending me queries. The most common query I have come across is “My baby is constipated.What can I do about it?”.I know how painful it is for the baby and the parents at such situations and hence thought to write a detailed post on this .I had my grandmother visiting us when I began writing this post(I have been writing this since three months.Forgive me for my lazy work 🙁 ). So I took some of her help & tips along with information collected from my elders,friends,doctors,books and reading materials from the web and ended up with this post.I have collected a lot of recipes,tips,remedies from my grandmothers.Hoping to share them soon as and when time permits.So please stay tuned to my space(You can follow my blog and get my posts in mail or like my page in facebook and stay tuned with live updates) or bookmark this page to get the updates.