BisiBeleBath/Sambhar Sadham

Our Sundays won’t be complete without a new trial of a recipe.This week I thought of making bisibelebath-a traditional recipe from Karnataka fused with our own sambhar sadham.I have already posted a recipe of sambhar sadham which is amma’s signature dish.I was actually thinking bisibelebath and sambhar sadham mean the same dish.But it is not so.Authentic Bisibelebath has a special spice powder and doesn’t have any vegetables added to it.So here goes my fusion recipe.I was not sure of the outcome until we had it.This was an experiment based on the recipes watched in TV and tasted in restaurants.The result was amazing. Continue reading “BisiBeleBath/Sambhar Sadham”


Hello Friends! I am back  after 75 days approx. We had a sudden transfer and I was stuck with packing/loading/shifting/unpacking/settling episodes.And finally we are kinda settled at Delhi and I thought it is high time I resume my blogging.I have been missing all of you and my blog.Hope you also had been missing Kitchen Kathukutty. I wish I could back to my routine and stick onto a regular blogging. Fingers crossed. Now,let’s get onto today’s recipe.It is soya rice or soya bean rice or soy rice. This was made my last year for hubby’s lunch box and only now I am bringing it to this space. I tried this recipe by slightly tweaking the usual Mochai Payaru Kara Curry/Lima Bean Spicy curry recipe. This just popped up when few of my readers were inquiring about uses and benefits of soya bean. Soya bean is the richest legume with the highest protein. I have already posted a soya bean biriyani recipe which is made from fresh red soya beans(Similar to peas,butter beans).This is the dried light brown variety which is used in making soy milk.tofu etc.Please find tofu burji recipe here.You can choose to use any legume in this recipe and just make this quick and nutritious lunch box recipe.It is slightly spicy. Continue reading “SOY BEAN RICE|SOYA BEAN RICE”


Early morning lunch packing will make you more innovative as days go by and you tend to make more and more great combinations with rice.One such early morning combination which we liked is what I am sharing with you all today.This is a also a favourite of my son as it has peas.I have used fresh peas after cooking .You can also use frozen peas. Continue reading “CAPSICUM PEAS PULAO|PEAS CAPSICUM PULAV”


Cauliflower rice or Gobi rice is an easy to make lunch box recipe. You can make it special or simple with some small variations. This is a simple version given below Continue reading “GOBI RICE|CAULIFLOWER RICE”


Thinking to what to pack for lunch is one of the very tough tasks for me in the recent days. Early in the morning , the chef in me makes many new combinations for my best half to ensure I pack him a different meal and also a healthy meal. This tomato peas pulao is one such early morning trial I made and it turned out so great. It is so simple to prepare and the taste just awesome.I prefer including more of tomato in my cooking and I somehow like that natural tangy taste of it always.Give a try and let me know how you like it. Continue reading “TOMATO PEAS PULAO”