Summer is almost knocking our doors and the only best thing about summer is “MANGOES”. I love mangoes in any form and no meal during summer will be void of mango in our plates. Today’s recipe is RAW MANGO RICE.It is a simple type of variety rice which you can make in a jiffy and it is so apt for travels and lunchbox menu.This recipe was a super hit last but previous summer(Don’t ask me what I was doing with the pictures so long! 🙁 ) . I am sure you will like the blend of tastes in this recipe.It has some tangy touch of raw mango with spices added and crunchy groundnuts to munch on. Continue reading “RAW MANGO RICE|MANGA SADHAM”


Hello Folks! Greetings from KitchenKathukutty 🙂 It has been a very long time since I had posted in this space(It was before Navratri). I was away on account of several family and personal commitments and finally back after 5 months. So were you guys missing me?. I hope all of you are in good health and high spirits.Shall we get into today’s recipe? It is a long pending recipe from my side.I had sent this to mylittlemoppet as a guest post few months back and I am posting it here for you. As most of you would know I always prefer home made ingredients and this is my son’s favourite too. Making butter at home might seem tedious at first but I can bet you that you wouldn’t try store bought butter if you start using this. It will just melt down in your mouth.As summer is almost there here burning all of us I would recommend to have a spoonful of butter in empty stomach early in the morning. This will help you beat the heat.  I can hear many of you asking “Won’t butter increase fat content of my body?, Is it not harmful?” Butter is such a super food if taken in moderation.Butter has been used as a healing medicine by our ancestors.Butter is an excellent source of healthy fatty acids and cholesterol.It is a great anti aging agent .When it comes to babies you can include home made butter from six months . You can add to all food items or even offer it fresh from your blender.  Continue reading “HOME MADE BUTTER”

Nungu Juice|Ice Apple Juice

Kathiri Veyil/Agni Nakshatram/Peak summer season has started from today and all of us have fallen victims to the rays of Sun.To beat the heat and prevent ourselves from the ill effects of summer,it is essential to include more seasonal foods/coolants in our diet.One such excellent coolant is NUNGU.This is from Palm tree and it widely present and easily available in southern parts of India. For those who would like to see the complete image of NUNGU please find them below. On cutting you get a lychee like fruit.This can be consumed as such whereas few remove the white skin and eat the jelly like substance alone.This skin is very good for curing stomach disorders. It is otherwise called palmyra palm or ice apple or toddy palm or tadgola,taal/taad(Hindi,Marathi),Karimpana(Malayalam),Tatichettu/Thatti Munjalu(Telugu),Olegari/Thatti Nungu(Kannada).Few places refer this as palm fruit but as per my knowledge palm fruit is still a ripened version of this and it is called panam pazham in tamil.This is available till august whereas the by products like palm candy,palm sugar,palm jaggery are available all through the year.It has excellent medicinal properties.Ice apple has a perfect blend of all minerals and the best coolant for summer season.It is rich in Vitamin A,B,C,Iron,Potassium,Phosphorous and zinc. It keeps your body hydrated.It helps to get relief from constipation and fatigue. It prevents from heat stroke,pimples,prickly heat etc.It has few phytochemicals which inhibit growth of malignancy in breast.It is an excellent energy booster. Continue reading “Nungu Juice|Ice Apple Juice”


Most of us have literally lost our appetite and we are badly craving for some cooler/refreshing drink even for our regular meal. Here is a very quick and simple smoothie recipe with KIWI & APPLE. I like the slight tangy taste which kiwi has and it is good to consume as such. The first time I had Kiwi I just scooped out and just as the way we usually have sapota/Chikku. Later I had tried KIWI BANANA smoothie which is an ultimate combination and it is just yum. This is yet another try with Kiwi. With respect to offering Kiwi to babies,most of the recommendations suggest to offer them beyond 8 months since they are acidic in nature if your baby usually has tummy troubles. Kiwi is not a high allergic fruit. Always have a word with your doctor before giving any new food. Continue reading “KIWI APPLE SMOOTHIE”


Dear all,How are you doing? It has been a long time since I had posted a recipe.The gap was because of few efforts which I was making to convert my blog into a website and Here I am. I am happily sharing with you all my website “www.kitchenkathukutty.com“.(Kindly omit adding wordpress.com from now on.Just type kitchenkathukutty.com).There was a huge amount of work with respect to the conversion and it is still going on.I am in the process on making it perfect.Kindly excuse me for the troubles,if any.Please let me know ,I shall correct them. A very special thanks to each one of you for your support and encouragement. 🙂 Continue reading “MAANGA PACHADI|RAW MANGO PACHADI”