Figs & dry fruits ladoo

Most of the young mothers are very eager in introducing dry fruits to babies and I am definitely one among them.Dry fruits/nuts have so much of goodness in them that they aid with great variant of nutrients,help in preventing constipation,prevent aneamia, and also help in nourishing the health of the baby.I slowly introduced them as per my doctor’s advice by making them small pieces at initial stages,adding badam/cashew paste in dishes,including dry fruits milk ,making energy balls or energy bars . Later on he began taking them as such as whole nuts.This is one main reason behind my blog not having the recipes of any type dry fruits powder despite several requests from many readers. My sincere apologies for the same and I will be definitely do it before this month end as I have got a batch done recently.Today’s recipe was prepared for travel purpose for hubby and also for regular evening snack for my baby. Just few steps and it needs no cooking.This is the best part of this recipe. Come,Let’s check the recipe now.Do try and give me an update 🙂instant figs and dry fruits ladoo

Ingredients:(This will make 20 ladoos)

  • Dry figs-20-25
  • Cashews-15
  • Raisins-1/4 cup
  • Walnuts-10-12
  • Pista-10
  • Badam-1/4 cup

figs and nuts ladoo


1.Get all the ingredients ready.

2.Chop the figs randomly and give it a pulse run in mixer.

figs and nuts ladoo

3.Keep it aside.

4.Add the remaining nuts int the same jar and grind for 4 pulses.(until they break)

figs & dry fruits ladoo

5.Now add the figs and give a pulse.

fig and nuts ladoo

6.Roll it into ladoos and store in an air tight container.

figs & dry fruits ladoo2P.S:

The proportion of the dry fruits is absolutely your choice.

The nuts when ground,will leave oil and help in binding.So rolling into ladoo will be easy.

This stays good for 10 days at room temperature if the nuts are ground coarsely as shown in pictures.

On refrigeration this might even stay for a longer time,say 20 days.

I have skipped dates and apricots to just give the dominance of figs taste. You can add them if you want.

For some more variants and complete information on introducing nuts to babies please check the following links

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Dry fruits and nuts are possible allergens.So have a word with your doctor before introducing them

Also please ensure to have given each of them separately beforehand and rule out allergies.

Consider family history of allergies.

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