Junk Free Snack Box Recipes for kids(School/Day care)

Snack Box Recipes for kids
The greatest puzzles to which we never get the right answer would be “What to pack in kids lunch box/snack box?”.We will have a huge decision making process involved where in we need to consider kid’s likes/dislikes ,availability of ingredients,ease of self feeding at school,nutritional demands and a lot more.After thinking of so many of these we need to work on presenting them to kids well and ensuring that they have it with no mess at school/day care and completely finish them.My little boy has the habit of asking me daily for the menu details before taking his school bag.He would be equally interested the previous day to give his own menu too.I have compiled a set of simple snack options which can be a mid morning/ evening snack for kids above 1.5 years . All of these are totally junk free and 100% healthy(white ingredients free). I hope you would find them useful. Kindly bookmark this page as this section would be regularly updated.   Home Made Savoury/Sweets:       I would call this category as one of the most healthy choices because kids prefer these outside mostly and when you can replicate them at home it turns out to be superb.Below are the set of choices you can do it over weekend and store for a week and use. (Click on individual images for detailed recipes)         Home Made Baked Goodies: My son loves to bake and loves those goodies even more.I bake whenever he asks for some and resort to those as snack box option for that week.You can choose to make these during weekend and use them for the next 3-4 days for snack box.They are all healthy and you can be totally guilt free about treating your kids with these.Below are the recipes of wholesome cakes/cookies/muffins:(Click on individual images for detailed recipes)         Paratha/Roti/Kathi Roll:   This is yet another most favorite category of father and son because most of it are easy to munch.When you pack paratha or roll to lunch box ensure that they are soft enough. (Click on individual images for detailed recipes)             Breads/Pasta related:       This category would be a huge hit among all kids since they love these in any form.Here are few options with some healthy recipes for your kid’s snack box. (Click on individual images for detailed recipes)                 Fritters/Vada/Patties:       If your kid is not so fussy about handling a fried/shallow fried food in the snack box ,I would suggest you to go by any of these because of the rich nutrition they are packed with. Ensure that it doesn’t turn up oily. (Click on individual images for detailed recipes)             Steamed Foods:   This is the safe category of food for all kids and you can make it with n number of variations. It can be mostly made with simple flours/regular idly-dosa batter. (Click on individual images for detailed recipes)                         Pancakes/Dosa/Cheela:     Is there a day when your kid misses his/her breakfast place and moves to school?If yes you many choose any of these simple but filling pancakes/crepes/dosa variant for snack box. Alter the shape to a small coin and fill their snack boxes.You can be sure of getting an empty box that day from school. (Click on individual images for detailed recipes)       Apart from these,you can offer dry fruits and nuts,cut fruits,cut vegetables,boiled legumes/sprouts ,simple salads as a snack box item. P.S: Please read through each recipe in detail and check for allergies before you offer anything new to your kid. Always have a word with your pediatrician before offering any new food to your babies. Please consider the family history of allergies before trying any new food.  Please do not forget to stay tuned with me by liking my facebook page here or follow me on Twitter or PINTEREST. You can also receive all my recipes in your mail box by providing your mail id here. Do share this with your kith and kin.If you have a picture of recipe tried from my blog kindly share with me.I will be privileged to share them in my page      

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